When it comes to technology we understand the challenges organizations face to stay on pace.

    The CERRA network of first responders expands all across Canada.

    First responders of all ranks who know what it takes to deliver results and save lives and who share a passion for integrating solutions that solve problems out in the field and help emergency responders accomplish the task at hand.

    Whether you’re planning to launch the latest drone to search for missing people, documenting evidence at a serious crime scene from up above or conducting a flight over a serious fire incident while using thermal imaging to assist the incident commanders redirect water streams to extinguish the fire, the members within the Canadian Emergency Responders Robotics Association will help share insights for success.

    The Canadian Emergency Responders Robotics Association is a rapidly expanding network and is partnering organizations from across the globe to deliver information and results back home here in Canada. CERRA is also working closely with regulators to standardize training for emergency responders and develop strategies that achieve results.

    As we continue to monitor the situation relative to COVID-19, take a moment to connect with CERRA by email cerra @ cerracanada . ca